If you or someone you know is in need of speaking with someone due to mental illness or suicide prevention, please click one of the graphics below; Objective Zero is an app where you can be completely anonymous and choose whom you want to speak with. The Veterans Crisis line will automatically dial 9-8-8 (Press ‘1’ after dialing) and the National institute of Mental Health will take you directly to their site.
If you need medical attention or this is an emergency, please dial your local emergency number or 9-1-1.

Veteran Crisis Line; Dial 9-8-8 then press 1

Call or text the suicide and crisis lifeline at 9-8-8 to connect with a crisis coounselor and get support 24/7. www.nimh.nih.gov/suicideprevention

OZ Objective Zero


What/Who Is

“Dysfunctional Veterans”?

     Dysfunctional Veterans is a brotherhood and sisterhood of veterans that remind us, we are not alone. Rooted in sarcasms, humor, and helping each other out when needed, we strive to entertain and help those who served.

     We endeavor to bring quality humor and commentary that is most often than not misconstrued and offensive to the civilian populace. We know there is no better sense of warped humor than that of a veteran.


     A Veteran is a person who understands life’s intangibles of freedom, justice and democracy. But, if a Veteran had to choose between servitude and conflict, the true Veteran would once again answer the call of duty. This website may contain excessive profanity and inappropriate topics, and the chances are pretty high that if you haven’t served, you’ll find it offensive.

But wait! There’s more…

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DV Farm is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by former homeless Veteran, Michael Rivers. Operated by Vets for Vets, the DV Farm provides practical rehab for homeless and addicted Veterans via a combined program of housing, animal assisted therapy, a structured work schedule and the camaraderie of fellow Vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life.

At the DV Farm, our mission is to take our homeless and addicted Veterans off of the streets and help them transition back into civilian life. From animal therapy to responsibility, we give them the tools to help fix the problems while making sure their toolbox is always full. The Veterans are also expected to work which entails some labor. From feeding and upkeep of animals to yard and forestry work, a little hard-work never hurt anybody! Although a sister company of “Dysfunctional Veterans”, “DV” does NOT mean “Dysfunctional Veterans” in fact, it can stand for whatever YOU want it to be.


Outside of DV Farm office where there is a sign that says DV Farm, Gilsum New Hampshire and Operated by vets for vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life. Ashe the horse is in the background and Gabby Sue the Macaw sits almost center and bottom of the image.

DV Radio

DV Radio microphone logo with DEAD AIR quote on microphone

Our Story

DV Radio [Network] is for the Veteran, Active Duty, Guard and Reserve members to listen to 24/7 music and REAL Veteran hosts speak on a variety of growing shows with “barracks talk”, news that pertains to veterans and the military, filled with military humor and always able to lean on a brother/sister when they need to talk, cry, or just joke around. The chat-room is open 24/7 on the radio website.

From original to syndicated shows, there’s always something for you to listen to. No matter if you’ve served, are serving, or if you’re caregiver or just a civilian; there’s something for you all. Educational, resources that you can use now, humor, politics affecting Veterans and their families as well as civilians, start listening now! Another sister company of “Dysfunctional Veterans”, “DV” does NOT mean “Dysfunctional Veterans” in fact, it can stand for whatever YOU want it to be.

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Parental control apps


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These websites and apps are for you, the parent/guardian to help know what your child is doing when they are on the internet. Many believe it’s an invasion of privacy however, these are children and they should be guarded and guided with no chances of online predators harming them in any way, shape or form.

bark app

*Protects over 5 million children
*Proactive social media monitoring
*Screen time management and website blocking *Free one-week trial.


aura app

*Blocks harmful or inappropriate sites
*Easily manage screen time
*Keeps family’s online data secure


qustodio app

*Content blocking feature
*Manage screen time
*Monitor activity on social media


norton app

*Website filtering and GPS location monitoring
*Search control features
*Mobile app for android and ios users

change unchained

We’re here to end human trafficking.

*This is not an app, please find out more about Change Unchained by clicking the image above.


kaspersky app

*Set strict restrictions & block content *Parental controls for PC, Mac & Mobile
*Free 7-Day trial



All links and apps are provided to us by Chained Unchanged, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.To find out more, to donate, or to volunteer please visit them at https://www.changeunchained.com/